The official site of author Ruth McLeod-Kearns

Ruth McLeod-Kearns is an advocate for opiate/heroin overdose, author, creator of the I'll Bring the Coffee blog series and a contributing writer for Things Women Want Freedom of Expression magazines.

Here, you can connect with the author, follow her social media accounts and download the thought-provoking novelettes. As always, she'll bring the coffee.

Ruth McLeod-Kearns began the '30 Minutes or Less' series in 2013 with "Carnations Never Wilt"  - now, McLeod-Kearns has 10 novelettes published through 5 of the largest e-book markets. 

Away from the Sun 

What happens to a man who loses everything in a second? Co-written with her son, Spencer McLeod, "Away from the Sun" is the story of a man's painful climb to rebuild his life with little success. With the help of his distant father, he learns that life goes on - even if it's away from the sun. 

Carnations Never Wilt

When a woman’s life begins to revolve around the gravesite of her sister, with the help of a stranger, she fights to gain back the things that suicide threatened to take away.

Love, Loss, Trauma: A Compilation of Stories

How can I sum up 20 years of trauma nursing? I've simply experienced it all: from the adrenaline of hearing the code bells ring to the heart-wrenching sadness of closing a child-sized body-bag. I've worked in some of the largest, meanest trauma facilities across the nation - and these are my stories.

Weeds (30 Minutes or Less)

Where does one go when they're truly unwanted? For Becky, it was anywhere but home. 'Weeds' is the heart-breaking story of a woman's struggle to find where she belongs, and the people she touches along the way.

Blood Mother (30 Minutes or Less)

When Jasmine's husband died in a car accident, he left behind a wife and adopted daughter, Rosie, in a world of destruction and grief. The once financially stable world Jasmine grew accustomed to had been unwelcomely exchanged for a life containing 3 jobs and frightening loneliness. 
Knowing they need to get away, Jasmine takes Rosie on a trip that unexpectedly bonds them in ways they could never imagine.

Perfect (30 Minutes or Less)

James has a great life: a successful career, a loving husband and two beautiful daughters. However, everything changes when he gets a phone call from a hospital informing him that his mother has weeks to live. After decades of anger and silence, James decides to travel back to his childhood home to help the woman he has yet to forgive.

Enough (30 Minutes or Less)

What does it feel like to die? Follow the last ten minutes of Claire's life as she fights for and ponders the memories of the life she had with her true love. She would fight, that is, until it was enough.

Exquisitely Flawed (30 Minutes or Less)

Stewart wasn't like the other children, he was "special" - and that was all his mother, Sally, ever saw. Follow the beautiful journey of an exquisitely unique son and his mother, and the struggles and blessings they experience along the way. 'Exquisitely Flawed' captivates the never-ending love of a mother.

Contrast (30 Minutes or Less)

“Contrast” travels into the distinctly different lives of two families: one young, with the whole world in front of them; the second with the beauty of deep-love with respect only received from being with someone for a long time. Beginnings, and endings - the beauty is in the contrast.

Blog of a Lesbian Mom (30 Minutes or Less)

For Casey and Susan, things didn't come easily. Their romance took some getting used to, living in Los Angeles was hectic and raising 2 boys was down-right insane. After being told by her therapist to vent through her blog, Cassie begins to realize that some of her biggest stressors were life's most precious gifts. 'Blog of a Lesbian Mom' is a soft-hearted reminder of just how important family is.

*Center for Disease Control and Prevention, "Understanding the Epidemic: Drug overdose deaths continued to increase in 2015", 12/16/16