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Our Beautiful Flaws

We all have little quirky things that we do.  It is our families that see these little “habits." They are the people who will see the charm in our individuality, instead of finding our differences hard to like, or to be “put up” with. Let me give an example.

I know this is not going to sound reasonable to anybody else, but I won’t use shampoo that is on the last few doses in the bottle.  To me, I just can’t help but think that by the time we reach that level, the balance of the soap vs. other ingredients cannot be the same as it was when the bottle was new.  This often means there are about seven bottles with little amounts of soap in them.  I try and throw them away, but this is Kate’s little quirky thing.

To her, if a bottle isn’t placed in the right can (i.e. recycle, trash etc.), she will go to the trash can and dig until she finds that one lone plastic bottle that was misplaced.  It never ceases to amaze me that she considers one object worth getting into any trash can.  But there she is, holding the empty plastic bottle up like a trophy, a race she has just won.  There is true victory on her face.  It actually tickles me to see this.  So much so, I sometimes throw things in the wrong can just to see how fast she jumps into action.  I keep waiting for her to jump out of a phone booth, her red, white, and blue outfit on and ready for action.  Tights, the tiara, and the belt that shuns the recyclables that end up in the trash can.

The boys?  Their oddity comes in the form of thievery.  It matters not what labels we put on our lotions, our shampoos, my facial scrub - they take it right from our bathroom and it moves into their showers.  I know the way a young guy’s mind works, and after just a minute of discussion, we both realize that some things are just meant to be let go.  There are just too many unknowns that occur in those showers.  Go ahead fellas, that $7.00 skin treatment is all yours! I should stand on principle, but I really don’t want it back.  Know what I mean?

We had it slowed to a trickle for a second by writing “FEMININE PRODUCTS” on anything not buttoned down.  They stopped believing it when I accidentally labeled my toothpaste.  I got a little carried away with my sharpie.  All our progress erased.  A real shame.  Morale was low that day.

The truth is, not only are we not perfect, we are terminally flawed.  I know many of you have blended families.  What an incredible situation you are in.  The reasons that marriages or unions dissolve are far too many and too complicated to understand.  Not to mention that none of it is anybody’s business.  Our first year as a family, was not easy, I won’t lie.  It didn’t matter how hurtful and dirty things became, in the end, it worked.

Families brought together by definition.  The meaning in a Dictionary 5 inches thick, says about 17 different ways of a group of people, related or not, living together.  There are parental figures, (one or two) and often, children under their care.  What isn’t said are the intangibles that take a word as simple as “family,” but leaves out the love felt as we watch our kids sleep.  Almost giving the look of a perfect child.  Funny how dreams transform the wild two year old that just developed the habit of grabbing little knick knacks on the way out of the stores.  There is nothing like the looks cast out to the fool trying to exit with “stolen” goods - only to be interrogated due to the dried pieces of candy that cover the child’s face without explanation.  Oh, and don’t forget evidence #2:  the lollipop stick that has a wad of hair wrapped around it, giving testimony to the candy that we didn’t pay for.  How all of that becomes softer with a pink hue as we stare at the clean toddler that resembles the angels drawn in the books published in the 1940’s and 50’s.  Only thing missing are the wings.  Hard to stay mad.

We love and are loved despite the silly things we do.  In fact, maybe it is the uniqueness we bring with us that makes us loved the most.  That?  That is the true definition of family.

Have a fantastic weekend!  Remember to support indie writers.  We will talk again Monday.  I will bring the coffee.  Ruth

*Center for Disease Control and Prevention, "Understanding the Epidemic: Drug overdose deaths continued to increase in 2015", 12/16/16