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The Miracle

Life is tough.  All of us who have any amount of experience knows this.  What we also know is that every now and again, heaven swoops down and shines a ray of warmth that makes us feel alive and happy.  This post is a celebration of family.  Of love, and the gifts that come around and keep us going.


I have written about my youngest son Satchel who has fallen in love for the first time.  He would talk of the wonders of this girl.  But now she has been a part of our summer, and I would be lying if I didn’t say that we have all fallen a little in love with her as well.  She is golden in every way.


Her older brother and his wife have just had a new baby.  They have a two year old named Prim.  It is short for Primrose, after a grandmother I believe.  I have not heard that name in a long time, but it is really beautiful.  The new baby was born July 2nd.  They are still trying on nicknames. It seems that Bevie is going to be a strong contender.


I asked them if I could do this piece, and as requested, Cambria (Satchel’s gal) wrote me to tell me about the family.  It was wonderful how she described this family that has just grown. Did you know that Prim says “Hey Daddy” when she sees him?  She is rich and generous with her kisses and her “thank you"s.


The new baby has been described as having the “cutest newborn cry, ever”.  I had to smile with that line, because I would think that now, but back when those cries were in my house, cute wasn’t the word I would have used.


I thought about this little unit that has blessed this earth.  The love, the way they band together to help one another.  When we listen to the news and all we read is the tragedies, the kids dying in bad ways, from the very people who gave them life, this is a rainbow that has perched over our family.  


I was looking at pictures of Satchel when he was about two.  Could it really have been that long ago?  Where did all the summers go?  The days of lounging in the pool, taking them to the drive in because we could get an entire carload in for $5.  I realized that it will be just a whisper of the clock ticking by, and Prim will be writing her aunt telling her about the kisses her daughter gives.  That is the cycle of life.


I will be an old woman by that time with grandchildren of my own.  I will remember these days, and days past when time never even came into the equation of how I lived my life.  I have realized that you do not have to be a great or famous to have left a good mark on the ground you have walked.


Teach our children to love, to be kind, and our lives will be great.  I know this young family is exhausted right now.  I would tell them to just hold tight.  These kids will be dating themselves in just a blink.  These little girls will be giving their dad grey hair waiting them to come home after their first date.  The first cars, the first wrecks and tickets.  It seems endless.  Right until the moment that we realize that endless is the exact opposite of where we stand.


They have built a home, with gifts from above.  A little girl that says “hey Daddy”, will be a fond memory as he walks her down the aisle with a tear in his eyes.  He will wonder where it all went.  We all do.


But for now they have a little slice of heaven that has landed in San Diego.  Her name is Hannelore Beverly.  She has the cutest cry in the world.  She is loved beyond eternity, and she is getting kisses from her big sister.


Take a moment to take in all the goodness that seems simple but is really our gift.  Send this little family all the good thoughts and best wishes.  And take just a second to remember what it was like when our kids were that age.  It will make you happy all day long.  That is exactly how miracles work.  


Good going, Zane and Heather.  Congrats from all over the world.  This is your day!  Enjoy every kiss, every thank you.  If you get too tired, just go and find Prim.  When she says “Hey Daddy,” you will know you did good!


Remember to support the indie writers, and we will talk again tomorrow.  Ruth

*Center for Disease Control and Prevention, "Understanding the Epidemic: Drug overdose deaths continued to increase in 2015", 12/16/16