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A Love Eternal

Anna, this is for you.


To find a love that is forever, is a dream for sure.  It is not a given, it is not guaranteed, and there are going to be more rocky times than smooth.  That I can say for sure.  And yet those nights with a kid who has puked on your new furniture, going on the camping trips, and those bedtime stories: they are as much for the parent as for the child.  We know it is fantasy, but the joy we receive from our kids is enough.  It is the crown jewel at the end of the night before we lay our heads down and wait for the surprises the next day holds.


Every now and again, there is a magical moment of wonder.  When that one guy, meets that one lady and promises to be her knight in shining armor.  Many make those types of proclamations, but when the rough patches arrive, they are words easily dismissed into a cloud of youth that is gone more with every sun that goes away, leaving only dark and being alone.  


But she had the king of kings.  He took her, and her kids, and loved them as his own.  They patched their group together, and even had a son themselves.  This tale is of particular interest, because of the times. When they got together, bi-racial couples were not that accepted.  They heard many things I am sure in the decades of the life they spent, but they taught their kids to be above that.  Not to judge by the color of skin, but the intent of the heart.  They left a legacy.  But now just one is left standing.


Today is the end of her “year of firsts.”  She has written me for some time now.  We check in almost daily, and I can truly say I have grown to love this woman.  Her advice has always been spot on, and when I was struggling with my sadness, she had a way of putting it in context that helped me.  She would tell me that we would both make it through, and we have.


Her grief is much different, because this was the man she slept next to for so many years.  They had plans for retirement.  But she isn’t bitter.  This is life.  The strength she shoulders is compounded by many deaths in her immediate family within this year.  She pulled everybody behind her inch by inch, and today they crossed the line together, she led the way.


Tomorrow, the sun will feel a little warmer.  Your tears will be a dried streak, but dry it will be.  Thank you dear friend for sharing your love story with me.  Thank you for the advice, the kind push to see the bright side, and the years of experience in parenting that I have called on more than once.


I am thinking of you, dear friend.  I wish for all of my readers, my friends, a love just for a second that is as wonderful as the love that you had.  I hurt for your kids who miss him.  They are doubly scared that they will lose you as well.  I know that you will make them accept this truth with grace, just as you taught them how to say goodbye to the man they loved.


A peaceful day of memories, tears, and gratitude.  Tomorrow you will walk through a new door.  You will walk through with the knowledge that your man is watching over you.  He has always done so, and he won’t stop now.  My admiration is yours.  Thank you for calling me friend.  Thank you for introducing me to your man.  Take care.  r

*Center for Disease Control and Prevention, "Understanding the Epidemic: Drug overdose deaths continued to increase in 2015", 12/16/16