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A Rant About Young Celebrities

I have a wonderful writer with a beautiful prose whose work will be premiered tomorrow. Please take a moment to read it, you will be given a gift. Ruth

Do you remember when we were kids and the big music makers were the#Jackson5#DonnyOsmond, and #DavidCassidy? They were not highly paid, but there was a slew of pubescent girls in line on the day the ‘45’ was released. Besides bubble gum, I would take a few quarters from my allowance to buy those little records with a hole in the middle that was almost as large as the song itself. Our record players were a single unit of 70’s colors and were coveted by every kid. I loved my music!

Of course I had a crush on all of them. #BobbySherman was my favorite! Remember the chokers and the way-too-tight velvet pants he wore? His shoulder length hair that was parted on the side making him look like a woman to real men. He must be in his late 60’s now.  I wonder if his grand kids realize how many of us were in love with their grandfather. They would find this creepy I am sure, but to Tiger Beat Magazine, they were a money cow! This was the magazine that fulfilled our dreams of seeing these "giants" of music without a shirt. They even had posters of these boyish-men who were skinny and didn’t have a chest hair in sight. Oh, but we did love them, even though carrying tunes was not their greatest attribute.

So who do we have now? #JustinBieber#MileyCyrus, and the likes. They are both worth well over $100 million dollars. Isn’t that just crazy? I can’t even wrap my mind around that number, let alone that a 20 year old has it. They have EVERYTHING at their fingertips, and they never seem to have enough. Bieber has a car worth much more than my house, a mansion, and too much time on his hands. He has been arrested and has embarrassed us all during his tour in other countries. He spat and wiped his shoes on an Argentina flag. Really?

Miley Cyrus is not a dumb girl, but a girl she still is. No, she has not been arrested.  But she has tried so desperately to lose the “good girl” image that she missed the exit of acceptable, and went directly on the freeway of sexually-open. Her lack of clothing, “twerking” in people’s faces, and use of a foam finger (that probably needs to be burned for public safety) seems like an obvious cry for attention. That being said, she actually is talented, works very hard and is money savvy - so why the act?

My biggest issue is the parents of these kids. It gives me a grimy, dirty feeling that these children provide their parents' paydays. Having a minor who quickly becomes a millionaire is like winning the lottery. But who controls this money? Mom and Dad. #LindsayLohan’s mom has been photographed drinking to excess while her daughter lies unconscious in the expensive SUV. Lohan used to be worth upwards of $30 million, now has an estimated $500,000 - where did it all go? Here’s a hint, #DinaLohan lives in a mansion that was purchased by, guess who. She has done nothing to earn that money herself, making her a user of the worst type.

The one dad who that I think has it all together is the father of#BritneySpears. He fought for his daughter when it was evident she was suffering from mental illness. He won control of her money and it was a good thing! Before he took over, it was reported on #MSNMoney that she was making over $700,000 a month, and was putting a slight $50.00 in savings, setting up nothing for her boys. Her dad was a complete bad-a**! He started by getting rid of all of the maggots that were there when the money was flowing but wouldn’t take a call when the bank account was empty. He then put her on an allowance, and had her hospitalized until she was better.

Britney is back to being financially stable, she is working, and she has a parent to thank. But where are these other parents? Bieber’s dad was not around much until his son got famous. Now, he is on the private jets, allegedly doing drugs with his son and I am sure his income comes from a 20 year old kid who doesn’t have a clue how the world really works. He doesn’t know how quickly you are forgotten in the town of illusions and dreams that get ruined. Talent is often given up on, and only a select few are remembered.

These kids need parents! Their parents need to stop using them as the railroad to riches, cars and mansions. They need direction, guidance, and they need to learn humbleness and humility. They should use their names and celebrity image to help the many in need - but as long as they can pay the groupies to tell them how great they are, why would they choose this? Why would they want a real parent there? Why were they ever allowed to choose?

I wish these kids well. I hope they have a peaceful life when they grow up and realize that what they have now is hollow and disappears like cotton candy in your mouth. I hope they choose to be artists because that is what they are, not because of what it pays. Are we at fault at all? Maybe, yet the parents are the main deterrents to these kids growing up to become healthy adults. 

If you young stars see this by any chance, please look within, follow your heart and always be kind and gracious. Then, when it is all said and done, you will have a great story to tell! The best part will be the times that you gave more of yourself than received. That is what makes you a star. We can all do that. Help these kids, don’t sell them out, they deserve more than money. They deserve a family. Then, they will be rich.

Have a great weekend! Will talk next week. -r

*Center for Disease Control and Prevention, "Understanding the Epidemic: Drug overdose deaths continued to increase in 2015", 12/16/16