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Are You Kidding Me?

I admit, I am up at 3am, I look up and down the house - all sleeping.  I secretly turn on the show “Cops.”  I certainly see the appeal for a young guy to be drawn to this field.  The uniform, the sirens, the car chases.  They definitely make the field look fun at the very least. 


It is when the show puts on elaborate schemes with way-too-pretty undercover women, that seem to have had it pretty easy, pretending to be prostitutes. And yet, these guys fall for it over and over again.  They never seem to realize that this particular woman seems cleaner and more groomed than the others.  She’ll even say something super suspicious, like, “It’s a date!”, when approached for her services.  The next thing we see are six vans with twelve guys acting like they just discovered public enemy number one.  They wrestle with an old widowed man who just wanting just a moment of memories, cuff him, and stick a TV camera in his face.  They end by announcing he is married, only to embarrass, ruin careers, and leave a record that will never go away.


Here’s something else that bugs me.  These women will get in the van, ask if the man is the police, and is assured that they are not.  Then the girl tries to break the ice by telling this “customer” how they were raising money to get off the streets, bury a parent, and yes, buy drugs.  They are addicts, and selling her body is the easiest way to get money that doesn’t involve stealing, or hurting others.  I just have a hard time understanding that if two consensual adults come to an agreement in this capitalist world, who is it hurting? The police certainly have bigger fish to catch than this. Why do they need to humiliate them? Isn’t the arrest enough?   


I guess the fact that most of these women are out of skills and don’t have an education may elude the common sense of these stings.  I am not condoning prostitution.  I would not want my son or daughter to be the giver or acceptor of these actions, but I also know that the thousands of tax dollars to put two women in jail for six hours doesn’t thrill me either.


I believe that these girls should be tested for STD’s, treated fairly, not controlled and beaten by the men who virtually own them.  The men who claim a person’s life as theirs to abuse, beat, and drug.  Is this alright?  I say no!


People have made their livings with their bodies since the beginning of time.  Athletes, models, construction men and women, dancers.  So I have a very hard time seeing the line that differs a person who is offered money for an hour of her time.  Should she be forbidden from doing so?  I have never, even in my best years, ever had anybody wanting to pay to be with me.  


I know I the conservatives will hate this piece.  I accept that, so save your comments.  Just stop reading and save yourself your temper for something personal to yourself.


I actually feel really sad for these women.  Once she has been tagged forever as a harlot, marrying her would not be an unaccepted venture in most families.  She would tell lies about her past, always wondering when she would be exposed for doing what she felt that she must.  There have been times in my life that without my parents, I may have had to consider this.  I had no pride in the time I stood in a food line, but my kids were not going to eat without it.  It is fact, I apologize to nobody for doing what I had to.


Don’t judge.  The religious laws from the Bible, or other works considered sacred to the people who read them, all teach a version of that lesson.  Love one another.  What about the story of Jesus writing the men’s sins in the sand to save the life of the adultress?  All he needed was the finger to be turned toward the person yelling the most hate.  Yet, one by one, they did leave.  I wonder how many of those men had been with her in that way?


Yes, I won’t deny that it has ruined marriages.  I agree that the the concept of paying a woman for sexual favors is not step one in the disillusionment of the union of marriage.  So much has happened before that, I can almost guarantee it.


In the terrible shooting by the boy whose dad was in the movie industry, we all heard him ramble his manifesto from his BMW that he didn’t pay for.  What was his point?  That these women who shunned him, deserved death.  That it was his “right” to have them. 


I don’t have the answers.  But after the first arrest, why not use the money used to re-arrest time and time again, and pay for a GED?  A vocational school that will give them options?  I do not believe these women think they are living the dream.  I doubt they enjoy their job, and feel worse about themselves with each person who crawls into their beds.  But their money spends, and we all do what we must sometimes.


Love your neighbor.  Be helpful with those who need not just your help, but a societal cure for this.  Until we get to the reasons of needing this job, it will NEVER go away.  Never.  Stay safe out there ladies and gentlemen.  Don’t give up on tomorrow.  We all deserve tomorrows.  All of us!

*Center for Disease Control and Prevention, "Understanding the Epidemic: Drug overdose deaths continued to increase in 2015", 12/16/16