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One of my dearest friends is an artist.  He paints in my garage.  The area I write in, he has made a little studio to work.  It is so great having him practice his craft here.  I have always loved the way he paints, we have done really neat things in the back yard.  He is a kindred spirit and I love the look of where artists dwell.  It just looks so cool.  The paints, brushes, rags filled with memories of work past.  It makes me happy.


Right now he is working on this portrait of a friend of his in a wheelchair.  He has been like that since his accident several years back.  He is grabbing his head in pain.  One shoulder has a devil/monster laughing with a gun cradled in its arms.  The other shoulder has the most beautiful angel whispering to him.  His legs are just filled with fire.  Flames abound on every inch.  Apparently, this man has nerve pain that is constant.  So much so, he has thought of ending his life before.  


I look at that picture a lot.  When I am writing, it gives me many things to ponder when I get stuck.  In the ankle that I blew out, I had so much nerve pain, they removed the large nerve in the foot.  It is a terrible thing.  You want to come out of your skin.  Like being shocked a million times when anything just brushes against it.  To be paralyzed, not be able to walk and still feel only the pain would indeed be hell.  I get his picture, it grabs my heart.


I wish I painted, but I am happy I am in the world of art.  To capture the struggle of insanity is truly a gift.  I am the one honored to have a little art alcove in the middle of suburbia.  Enjoy art.  Every bit.  Go look at life through the eyes of a painter, a sculptor a musician.  Or maybe just a little known writer that shares thoughts and fears.  Either way, your life will be a little brighter, colors richly around you.


One of my dear friends is an artist.  I am the lucky one who sees creation by true definition.  Encourage the dreamers.  We make the world just a little prettier.

*Center for Disease Control and Prevention, "Understanding the Epidemic: Drug overdose deaths continued to increase in 2015", 12/16/16