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I Can See Why Police Are Hated

Hit a major flaw yesterday.  Georgia O’Keeffe really was spectacular.  It was bittersweet because my mom loved her so much.  I now know why, but it did not make it easier, or more beautiful.  I am glad I learned about her though.


I am usually the type of person that sees the glass as half full.  My other really strong trait is about  the police.  I was in the ER for so many years, and they were considered one of us.  A first line worker.  We stood in the trenches with them.  So when I would people say hateful things, I would always jump to the defense of the men and women who serve.  My youngest son wants to be a CHP, and I have always been nothing but supportive.  I am not feeling the love after yesterday.  You decide.


We took the public bus.  When you buy a ticket for $2.00, they give you a transfer paper.  All’s good?  No, it isn’t.  We got on the bus after the museum, showed the driver our transfer and sat down.  We thought the tickets may have been expired but she took them, so  we were on our way.  


When the bus made an abrupt stop I thought nothing about it.  These two police came aboard and started checking our tickets.  We handed them our transfer paper, we were told they were expired.  We grabbed two more dollars and started to offer it.  Instead we were evicted from the bus.  I could start feeling my face turning red with anger as he started to write  us a ticket for $106.00  I am not sure what percentage that is over $2.00 dollars, and I would ask Kate, but she is still mad at me, but it is ridiculous right?  Is there so little happening in this city that they turn to a disabled 51 year old that is from out of town?  Clearly we were wrong, but the driver accepted the transfer.  


It really got ugly when he threatened to arrest me.  I do admit in my anger I may have made a statement about the tiny size of his manhood. That is when Kate got really mad at me.  I was told I would be in jail until Monday, and I made another statement and refused to sign the ticket.  So that little bus ride cost $212.00.  I have no intention of paying it, and I plan on appealing the stupidity of this.


I now understand what it must feel like to be racially profiled.  To be searched because my license plate light is out, because I am black, or Latino.  I am mad at the times I have stood up for the police to my boys, or others who have had bad experiences.  Yet it is really hard to feel differently when something like that happens.  


The rest of the night didn’t go much better, but I wasn’t arrested, yet my anger is still sizzling.  Am I wrong to be mad?  I admit, the statement of the “tiny p***” was uncalled for but $106.00 for a $2.00 mistake?  It made me homesick.

*Center for Disease Control and Prevention, "Understanding the Epidemic: Drug overdose deaths continued to increase in 2015", 12/16/16