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Mommy & Me Trip

There is nothing like watching a city wake up. Lex and I find ourselves in Southern California. We arrived in the earliest of morning hours and will be here through most of the week. We have traveled quite a lot together through the years. From the first trip alone, our adventures were called "mommy and me trips". Thinking of that validates my life.

Lex snores. Amazing how much time we spend together, and I still learn more about him and the man he is becoming every day. I realize how even as close as we are, I cannot stop the natural pull of gravity away from me, and to his own wife and family. It is intriguing to watch.

Urban life is like another country from the suburbia I have lived for almost my entire life. I love the sounds, the smells that eat through the air and slip into our hotel room. Sirens are abundant. There is so much more living and dying in the city. I crave the time that I will live we eastward. The plan is a two year transplant before we settle hopefully with our grandkids close in being a reality. grandchildren. It isn't an eternity from now, and considering my age when it happens that is a sad measurement of time. It isn't tomorrow either. I am glad huge changes don't happen too fast. So for now, I settle for my good fortune of travel.

The noises are calming, I will go and sleep on the beach in a little while. I think of the many trips. Some had themes so to speak. We did a trip and took our pictures in front of movie stars houses. There many pictures of our backs running toward residences. Silly stuff like that. Every moment of these joureys have been perfect, even if flawed around the edges. The insides maintained the sweetness of the intentions before leaving our homes.

Now we have arrived where business is involved in our experiences. It doesn't makes me sad, infact quite the opposite. The guy who was so small he sat on his knees to see his first midnight movie, has worked with me. He keeps me grounded. I write, he does most everything else.

"Hey Buddy move it!" There is honking and I look and watch a couple of angry hand gestures . The steam from the manhole covers make it all misty like it was being senscored by nature. I smile, the sun getting higher and brighter. The chill from our pre-dawn laughter is gone like the dreams that mingled in the building that is our home for a few days. Wake of Los Angelas! Spring is here, and I am so happy it is Mommy and me time!

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