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The Beauty of Weekends

I love the weekends! That is when the house is quiet for hours longer in the morning. The feeling is a lazy type that wafts around us, leaving us with the sense that we are grateful it has arrived. Families sit around the table enjoying a nice cup of coffee, read the paper, and wonder "what to do today?" It just feels special compared to the hurrying that we do through the week. Never really getting caught up, always a minute behind where we want to be.

We are different people on these two days of the week. We take more time outside. We garden, we read by the pool, bathing in sunlight, getting sleepy at 2pm. These lazy days are really a gift to remind us who we really are. Somewhere in time we started to think it is our jobs who define us, but not true! Our jobs? They are where we spend so much of our time, but it is for money. It puts clothes on our kids, feeds us, allows luxuries, some so much more than others. But the weekend? Universal. It knows nothing of our jobs, just comes around ever 7 days and fills us with joy.

We are a culture that values time. How often in the week do you look at your watch, the clock, your phone? Now on the weekend, how many times do you look? I would guess at minimum it is cut in half. I am not naive, I understand we have to work, we love our work, but we get just a little lost sometimes about where it should fall on the ladder of our lives.

SO! What is your plans for this weekend? Go to the park with your kids, pack a picnic. That takes little extra money, if any. Go to a movie, rent a classic tonight. Go on a date with your spouse, go to the shoreline, and watch a sunset. 

When you go back to work, just in a couple of days, try for your lunch hour to retrieve the feeling of the weekend. Yes, you have to live by time, but just for a second, put your face heavenward and think of the two days you were "lazy". Think of something cute your kids/grandkids did. The special night your husband and you had together. Pull it inward, bring back the exact feeling, and put it in your heart for safe keeping. These are the days you will remember for so much longer than a job you had.

Be proud of your career, many have spent decades in school. I get that! But it still isn't who you are, it is what you accomplished. Be proud, you deserve that! But your family, those two little days in the week? Those are the times you will truly cherish. Your kids will be at home for a shorter time than your school, but what is more important than little guys in feetie pj's giving you a cotton candy kiss? Getting the new puppy, and regretting it the first night when all he did was howl. Remember?

My friend was telling me this morning about her family, their nicknames, her heartache. She said that on Sunday mornings she would listen to her parents talk about the "old times". She said she still feels blessed because of those mornings. Her parents are in the sunset of their lives, and she never, not once discussed what her parents did for a living. I do know what she does, but we spoke about so many more things, that was just a byte. We talked of nicknames, our siblings lost, dreams of tomorrow. And she told me about those Sundays.

Go have yourselves a Sunday. And just once in the week ahead, remember the feeling. The lazy quiet mornings when the birds are singing, the sun waking up, and the moon going to bed. For that is what you will remember in the years ahead. Another cup of coffee?

*Center for Disease Control and Prevention, "Understanding the Epidemic: Drug overdose deaths continued to increase in 2015", 12/16/16